Monday, October 29, 2012

extended PDX

I had the time, so I went to college. criminal justice - fight the power

walking to college in the rain

homegrown smoker is by COLLEGE
Olivia came through with the flyer for DEC.
Beadle met me for dinner at Canteen

the OCCUPY Portland library

Occupy PDX has their office in the church near Red & Black
Josie and Stella on the 10000 tip - Red & Black

it was cool to get a tour of BUTTON HQ. turns out I was one of Rachael's early clients
we went around the corner for soup and paninis

pumpkin curry soup! gluten free veg panini
pizza party

work day at Brooklyn Street

captured a bsts shuv at the ledge spot by FOOD FIGHT

McCrackers' soul sister Maria met with me to talk about Bali

we met at People's... I enjoy hanging there in the mornings

Food Fight
 VOTE for your favorite NO SMOKING SIGN at the vegan mini mall. I like em both


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