Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the road to Glacier

soaked at BOILING RIVER just outside the North Entrance in MT
we camped at the La Duke picnic area / the red sliver of rock to the right is the Devil's Slide!
I couldn't get the hot/cold mix right at the hot springs
directions to what we thought was the skatepark landed us at the BMX track
a quick pivot to fakie at the Bozeman park
we spent more time at the brand new BIG SKY park. mini burnside
Ryan Simonetti came down from his place in Great Falls, MT
Ryan blast a mighty melon over the main hip.
played a new BOXED version of farkle down on the river
Kenny got his 1st six of a kind!
the camp spot between Big Sky and Bozeman
ran into Chad Foreman and the Fallen fellas in Bozeman.
chad, jamie, tommy, and slash on motorcycles roll out following Hardy
chuggin up north towards Justin Beebe's recommendation of Glacier NP
we saw our bear.... Kenny was so lit up.. we pulled over and got a few pics as he ran back to the woods.
creekside camp the night before Glacier

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