Friday, October 5, 2012

hot spring tour 2012 concludes

Stop # 16 - the box box hot springs - aka elkhorn
it used to be the front end of a motor boat - hence the name

Stop # 17 - Russian John's Hot Spring - really a warm spring
it was warmer than I thought it would be - Ken didn't get in

great views...
FLOW raw restaurant in Ketchum

Nourish Me cafe in Ketchum

ran into Zach Dowdy & his homies at Hailey Skatepark
the new part of Hailey is really fun. Ken pole jam!

Ken slaps a back smith on one of the steep walls at Hailey.
drove over another stressful stretch of road to get to the next springs

saw a waterfall driving through the fire zone
gorgeous sunset from the PowerPlant Campground

good morning!
Stop # 18 - Atlanta Hot Springs

super good!
cold on the left, hot on the right - total control makes it just right

as Atlanta fills.
Stop # 19 - Chattanooga Hot Springs  - hot waterfall!

hot water streams down and fills the pool

the river is just 20 feet away. super soothing

the view our across the river to the mountains
We had 5 more springs on the list, but the fires shut down the roads.

stopped for a picnic on the alternate route to Boise.
homemade pickles from Ketchum ended the hot springs tour 2012

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