Saturday, October 13, 2012


the flyer
 A couple of months ago I caught wind of celebration going down in Portland in mid October. I contacted the birthday boy in question & explained what I could offer to the experience in a few words. Keep in mind I'd never met this dirty vegan; I just knew him from the interweb. He must live life on the edge because he added me to the bill, sight unseen.

Some of you know that I'm in three bands. HK is the band that plays out most often. It is highly rare that there is an audience assembled that can appreciate what Straight Edgemont does. This was going to be one of those occasions and I was hyped. There were many aspects to the event that made me want to be a part of it. But I recall one post from Chad on the facebook invite where he specifically told everyone to leave their booze at home. I knew this dude was a committed a vegan, but I was quickly seeing that we held similar views in regards to drugs and alcohol as well. Double bonus! I practiced a little bit in Denver in Sept, worked on lyrics sporadically, & finally had one last practice at Kenny's the day of the show.

Initially the plan was to dine on Chili Pie [generously made by Liam from the Bye & Bye] around 8pm, then get the bands started around 9pm. I knew I was playing first, but there were some heating issues, and I went on before the chili pie. There's no time like the present!
Kenny captured this from the back.

Klich shot this one. - It was an all Inside OUT set.
I was hoping to generate the sort of energy SEEN IN THIS VIDEO. But didn't quite get there, nevertheless there were definitely some middle aged hardcore dudes screaming the words along with me. And that situation just doesn't happen often enough! 3 songs in under 10 minutes and then it was time for CHILI PIE. I'm really bummed I failed to get a photo of the self serve Chile Pie station that Liam set up. Kenny & I both brought our own nooch to take it to the next level!
Abolitionist took the stage second. - birthday boy on bass

The Prids rocked it third
Fuck You, DAD ended out the night - Chad, Emiko, Alan

the high beams are ON!
I got to sing along on a PEGBOY cover. p:tim kahn

warning... both are shaky and the volume could be UP.
far from OVER THE HILL

during the last song a huge rabbit got on stage
wait for it.......

still finished like a champ, even with a rabbit on top of him!
Big thanks to CHAD for taking a chance on Straight Edgemont, BOOM BAP for being an awesome venue, & the Bye&Bye for the chili pie!  It was hard to tell how many drug free adults were there, but regardless, I felt right at home!

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