Saturday, October 13, 2012

FNB and some in betweeen

got the freebox out at Food Not Bombs!

had some happy customers...
excellent ART SHOW on the Death of Capitalism at Red & Black

 - performance art -

beware of the plague of capitalism
found out about the OCCUPIED CASCADIA film screening

went over to Rimski's to get tea - wasn't the same w/o Alex
set up a new shred sled
rally against the war in Afghanistan + one year OCCUPY anniversary

some performance art accompanied the march

went to the IPRC's Text Ball fundraiser- portaits by Fiona
Lori D had a piece in the auction

this was the raddest bit of the Graphic Details that I saw.

had a terrible breakfast with Fudge & Heidi - checking out the van
saw a neat bike bag design at People's
been running into FRED all over SE. here we share a cup of free tea @ People's

the vegan mini mall. Sweat Pea, Herbivore, Food Fight Grocery!
found a great FREE BIN in someone's frontyard in NE.
rolled around with KLICH on bikes....check those filthy hands

Rueben at Red & Black

slingshot fun in Kenny's backyard.

whatcha eating, KEN?
kenny's only chair in his room
Another epic evening at Food Not Bombs

another evening of Free Box exposure!

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