Friday, October 5, 2012

hot spring tour 2012 keeps going

Stop #12 - Sacajawea - a new one for me...
Ken took more lessons in geothermal engineering here!
Doesn't he look accomplished?
Several pools were soakable down by the river
Stop #13 - Snake Pit Hot Springs w/ a terrific view of the Sawtooth Mtns.
complete with a rickety wooden bridge you have to walk across
Stop # 14 - Sunbeam Hot Springs - was washed out last year
this year it provided me with a lovely river level soak.
Kenny on the trail into Slate Creek
Stop # 15 - Slate Creek Hot Springs - very unique
Ken got more experience making it hot
Fill her up, Ken!!
the abandoned mine operation uphill from Slate Creek
tent shot at our campground near Slate Creek. we got an early start

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