Sunday, October 7, 2012

road trip

Klich had two days off work and last year after I arrived we went on a road trip; we did the same this year. Kenny, KennyII, Klich and I loaded up the GOLD MEMBER and headed south. On the full moon we ended up in the parking lot for Terwilliger Hot Springs and camped out.
I was in for dawn patrol...had it all to myself
5 pools on in a row.... HOT to cooler

it's a half mile hike into the woods from Cougar Reservoir
Ken crutched his way to the pool not much after dawn

KennyII & Klich on the otherhand, slept in.
everyone was thankful for the soak

prepping for a day of skating
Eugene for lunch at Corn Bread Cafe - vegan comfort zone

then out to slide rock for some slip sliding - klich prepares

all the glory of slide rock
a thrill a minute

it was extra difficult to get out of the slippery pool this time around.
i took to a flip from the rock jump
klich joined me, KennyII filmed, and Ken slept in the car
Slide rock to Harrisburg Skatepark - fs rnr

kenny rolled some film

KennyII had some moves I rarely see!


local Oregonian.. back smith into the slant
ended the night and the trip at Gabriel Skatepark

kenny got some!

KLICH - back tail on the slam wall

sunset ollie to end the trip!

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