Wednesday, October 31, 2012

winding down PDX

skate date with John where we both rode bikes to Glenhaven

john swerves - kevin kicks up his wood

slapping it frontside
Back to Eden - all gluten free / all vegan
 While I was in NE I stopped by the two vegan bakeries. I walked in and walked right out of both.
dovetail bakery - all vegan, not at all gluten free

GF mac & cheese
 I did over do it at Vita Cafe

potato madness w/ soyrizo and tofu

met Elaine for dinner at Hungry Tiger
I picked the wrong thing.waffle was good / "chicken" was bad
video game arcade and movie theater
lovely photo at KLICH's work
ran into Carolina & Adam at Red & Black!
wonder if River City sponsored this bike rack?
I found Kenny some new shades when I walked to see Argo
a proper breakfast at Proper Eats
cob bench beautifying the neighborhood
loveable alley cat in SE
I'm not a big graffiti fan, but liked this bit of work
see that magic marker in the corner? just ask and it becomes free!
watched The Weather Underground with Kenny.

never thought about it like this

some words I can relate to from a book I'm reading

hard to believe my time in Portland is almost expired... has it been a month already?

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