Tuesday, October 2, 2012


many views at Glacier National Park
St Mary Falls....
the view towards the lake from the bridge
the bridge and launch point to the left
the water looked too good & nobody was around so I stripped down!
putting my pants back on...

waterfall after waterfall as we continued on to Virginia Falls


kept getting better the higher we got up..

Virginia Falls was worth the hike!

a solid 90 feet - loved it
on the way down, I was ready for another dip - back flip

road to the sun.... glacier valley

tunnel to the sun
got to the top of Logan Pass and saw a herd of rams
Kenny got his hobo bath on the road to the sun
frigid but refreshing

cars going by honking encouragement!

I filled the water bottle and got soaked....drying off...
the road past Logan Pass was closed for repairs... it just closed two days ago.... so we had to backtrack a bit, but it was all worth it..  lesson to be learned....check the park website before heading out for travel delays and road closures....   thanks JUSTIN for the tip.   see Justin's photos HERE

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