Monday, October 22, 2012

indoor skateboardin

Klich took me to Commonwealth - Frontside D

mason merlino of Lifeblood fame was there.....

He nosegrinded over the hip and through the corner to pop right in

Steven Reeves blasting backside
rockin and rolling frontside... always feels better on pool coping

kenny was on the sidelines

Fudge met Klich & I @ the Unheard ramp - Mighty FS D on the vert

back D on the pool coping

and it wasn't long before he did one on the big vert wall

Klich punched off the wall

the HIGHLIGHT of the night... double Smith grinds

Klich was boosting ollies all night
ended the night with a HUMMUS PARTY

yum - three flavors to dip into

male models! is that BLUE STEEL, fudge?
moral of the story

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