Saturday, October 13, 2012

horsing around Portland

Dropped in on the new home of the IPRC - zine library expanded

No sign of the elusive Lori D.

this little gem caught my eye! Justin, I'll see you soon!

IPRC is right around the corner from Portabello, so I tried their cornmeal PIE
Back to the Red & Black for a lecture on looming climate catastrophe
rolled over to Blossoming Lotus for the Green Goddess / Klich was there

ran into my favorite hitchhikers on Morrison/they helped me cock the van roof on the last dry day in PDX

van rough housing! it's rare to have 3 in the front

actually, it's rare to have any passengers. a welcome change
Breakfast at Junior's in SE
bridge shot...for Kenny

a jaunt to Niles' store WORN PATH

wait for it.....
he went psycho on me...

grocery shopping with the handy capable!

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