Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sandy Stretch / Bicycle Rust

One of my first nights in Eugene, I'd parked outside of downtown and just walked into downtown and was trying to decide where to grab dinner. Noodles or pizza?   I look around a corner and I see a couple riding the longest bicycles I've ever seen and they are carrying surfboards? They pull up near me and I start chatting em up and I hear the fella mention vegan pizza. Once it's established that they are both vegan, I invite them across the street to join me for Chinese food.
meet Matt & Siobhan from Australia
 Over the course of dinner, I learn that they are from Byron Bay AUSTRALIA, and have ridden their bikes from Halifax to Vancouver and were now riding down the west coast en route to Ole' Mexico and beyond. Surfing along the way as the waves allow. THIS is their site...   That night they rode off in hopes of staying with someone they'd contacted on I'd given them my number but wasn't sure I'd see them again. But sure enough the next morning as I was bugging around the van, they rode right past me and I showed off my house and the free box. We spent the day riding around town checking things out and getting to know each other.
digging in the Free Box

Matt found something. Fuck Monsanto!

Siobhan finds a spot on her bike.

Seeing these two on their fully loaded rigs was quite the sight.

cruising around Eugene
 I'd been hearing about this two collective houses near the campus... Lorax and Campbell Club. I'd also heard they give tours, so Matt, Siobhan, & I pedaled over there to investigate.
We parked in front of Campbell Club, but they were reeling from festivities the night before
so we walked next door to the Lorax
We rang the doorbell and were greeted by their communications liason.
collective meals are prepared in their commercial grade kitchen

the view from the roof was epic.
fire escape!

the rope tree climbing practice zone

We capped off the evening with a full PIE at Pizza Research Institute
 Occupy Eugene was kicking off in a big way while we were in town so we met up on Saturday do ride bikes during the main march around town.

no GMO's

these 3 guys jamming at the Occupation site were outstanding!

The time had come to say our goodbyes......
They opted to rent a car to get to Arcata. Pledging to see each other in San Diego if not sooner..
 A day or so later, I went back by The Campbell Club and got a tour there as well. Was able to get a book from their lending library and I endorsed a watermelon party in their kitchen!!!

{{{Matt & Siobhan update...Matt is in central america continuing his dream  - follow him here
Siobhan is back in Byron Bay. }}}

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