Monday, July 16, 2012

the drive south

Bright and early I rolled into the San Jose Psycho Donuts
This was my 1st visit, and I'd just learned about them.

They always have up to 3 vegan donuts - these were all elaborate!
a charming photo op  - their theme is great and is tied in everywhere.
Next stop was Santa Cruz.. On the cash register at Bill's Wheels!

The Veggie Van from the movie FUEL is parked at the SC biofuel station!
 I was hoping to run into Matt & Siobhan from Sandy Stretch at Staff of Life in Santa Cruz. I didn't and decided to get to Remington for some Thanksgiving soaking. It turns out that Matt did see the van in parking lot at Staff of Life,  but didn't connect the dots.

Remington is my favorite soak in California

I did make Dawn Patrol, just the way I like it!
Someone dug a new pool near the main pool.

I tried it out . . thumbs up! right at river level and secluded!
In the parking lot of Hoggz in Bakersfield, I witnessed this.

Aunt Jeanne and LA to come......

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