Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Patty & Ji invade Portland

Ji tried to get on the Orcas Island trip, but that didn't pan out. Instead she and Patty decided to collide in Portland the 3rd week of October. I'd figured that I'd be long gone from Portland but in fact I'd only made it to Eugene, so I drove north one more time to spend the weekend with them.
Shane, Alex and Patty in the AirBNB rental before Ji landed.
Ji & Patty reunited!
We went to Hungry Tiger for corndogs and they had Kareoke! Ji breaks the law
What song did PattyCakes sing?
Patty nearly kicked a guys ass at Burnside, so we went to Glenhaven
what's wrong with this picture?

Then to the mighty West Linn

Yee was killing it....

I'm most likely to fall asleep at a party, yee most likely to nap at the skatepark?
Alex gets his swerve on at Tigard

sweet, sweet tailblock from YEE

textbook lien to tail on the big wall - YEE

Frontside ollie up from low to high bank - YEE

the local news interviewed YEE due to his nonstop attack on the crete.

my fav pic of ALEX. stickybun!

alex knew about a show, and that had fire twirlers!

the next morning we hit GORDITOs for fuel
I can't tell if Alex or I enjoyed the soy curls more....?

Kenny joined us later in the day
another Alex hot tip... Tea for 3 at Rimsky-Korsakoffee House
spoiler alert... go in the bathroom at Rimsky's!
Back to Eden - vegan ice cream treats  !
 Patty pealed out on Sunday afternoon so she could get back for work on MONDAY. Ji and I walked all over town and then I dropped her at the MAX in the morning... she was soon on a plane back to LA and I was southbound and down - headin to UMPQUA!
Ji tackles a slice at Sizzle Pie
so long Portland...see you next year.....

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