Friday, July 20, 2012

2012 free box travel begins

first stop was Lilac Ranch for a pizza party {Meredith, Rose, Teagan, Hilda}

Harold and Kumar - the resident goats

the horses get some love from the ladies.

I pushed off into the desert and got a soak in under the MEGA MOON.
dawn patrol was in effect!
sun is up and the shower is booming
got to PHX and polished my leftovers from the Cultivating Food Justice seminar
How is it that ASHER is the only one in focus. Breakfast at the Martin's!

A pleasant surprise in seeing Daniel Santovin at Cowtown!

Laura, Ed, & I all working away at Cowtown - tempe

1st watermelon of the season @ the Martin's!
Meg bought a traveler some lunch.
Frannie at Wez and Meg's place

Wez, Meg & I drove up to Scottsdale and met Bianca's dad, Razz! He cooked for us.
this was my mother's day message
Got in a quick session at Bob's new ramp.

tortuga resident of BOB's backyard!

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