Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My buddy Redneck has been living in Springfield, the sister city of Eugene, for years now. And I'd heard Eugene was a pretty activist oriented town, so I was curious to spend some time there.

outta the bowl transfer to fsbs, NECK!   VIDEO
ollie to fsnb low to high - NECK!
Lien melon at the more tranny oriented park - NECK!   VIDEO
Neck & I kicking it
 Over the next week I explored the city..............

the 70's style skatepark in AMAZON park.
played some disc golf across town
Had dinner with a private investigator
We ate at CORNBREAD....not sure if we had any cornbread.
radical murals all over town
one of several excellent health food stores in town
stopped by Betty's office hours to see what her work is like.
kitten on a rope
Food Not Bombs serves once a week in downtown.
the vegan Gyro from a food cart
I was unable to hook up a tour of Holy Donuts, this fritter rocked

Red Barn natural foods is right across the street from the gyro cart
this gal at VIVA was charged up about the tacos
awesome veg food cart in central Eugene
Viva's Eugene Cheese Steak sando
went to a lecture on peace at the UNIVERSITY.

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