Tuesday, July 31, 2012


1st night working on the new masonite layer.
Day 2 working on the layer....

An hour later we are ready to skate...

Brodie took right to it... FAKIE OLLIE
 Brodie goes frontside
Trigger is the ramp dog.

Eric Broadhead backside air
 Ramp owner, Ben Kerr, backside D.  VIDEO
Didn't take long for the shirt to come off...BS nosegrind
Kneeslide, walk to the back of the ramp, up the stairs, back for more

Picture perfect back 5-0 for Brodie
I hadn't ridden vert in years.....best I could muster for the ollie

Darren Giebler rock n roll slide.   VIDEO
Zak Carmichael grinder

Heath Black getting his vert legs back.

This wasn't a make, but Brodie did land a slightly less bio BS Ollie.
Brodie locked into a fine backsmith....... VIDEO

his doesn't look good......

OK, I'll drive to the emergency room......
How bad is it, Doc?   VIDEO
Almost ready to go home...gotta love the shirt

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