Saturday, July 21, 2012


crosseyed cat

what was once a food cart is now a restaurant!

Dayn joined me for dinner @ CounterCulture
then he took me to Sweet Ritual for desert!
casa de nice to be back
Eduardo Sr. took this pic of me and his crew.

oscar and the free box at Wheatsville Coop
give peace a chance & stand up for peace - Wheatsville
the DIY spot a block from Wheatsville.
7 story high view of the new Austin park
Tamales at the farmer's mkt.. the hot sauce was no joke.

Brushie Creek's mid sized bowl

pivot fakie on the Brushie Creek street course

Stephen had me over and made spicy Iranian chickpea salad
It was hard linking up with Julie, but I finally did and met her pal Cooper.

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