Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kansas some more

I did it again.... this time with Patrick down by the river.

Patrick & I taught Kelly how to Farkel.

Alf - on a pedestal

Bianca did some mending and patchwork for me >>>THANKS

I now know the dogs' names. Everett kicks it w/ Brodie & Alf

I was worried about BIG BLUE during this mighty hailstorm

Zep's favorite spot... Hana Cafe.

Mack Attack and Mordecai

Another morning on the pot with MAX on my back!

Wes met Brodie & I at Kurt's pizza palace - Picasso's

Rawcos from Delish Deli inside at Food For Thought

SHHHHHHSSHHH... be very quiet... there's a raccoon in that pipe.

My first meal prepared with Soy Curls....

Bianca's sushi night was off the chain!

Whisman paid us a visit....

Will rounds third for a point....
Hugs from the homies!

Will gets mauled by Mr. Collins!
Zep made amazing pancakes for the house.

Brodie went Strawberry RHUbarb.... oh yeah

Do you see the concentration here..?
I extended my stay by a few days to see Chris' band play & because of....

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  1. Zephyr!!! Wow. Rad kid. Thanks for posting these Kev.