Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finally a decent taco

I'll admit, it felt weird being back in CALIFORNIA. Some aspects were refreshing, some were unsettling.
I dropped Jesse the hitchhiker off in Arcata and checked out AMPT Skate Shop and then I ran into Craig from Satori during dinner at the Wildflower Cafe. I'd be ordering tacos all across the western USA always to be disappointed. I got the tacos at Wildflower, and was elated! Redemption!
Wildflower tacos were heaven sent!
not all pics come out good.... Craig
Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox welcomed me to California

I crossed the state to see SHILO
We hung at their farm stand at the Nevada City Farmers Market
The pie place across from Mountain Bounty did me right!

back on the farm, I was able to raid the strawberries
strawberry fields forever!
mountain spring water  - shilo fills up
On the side of the road in the mountains! I filled up~!
My favorite soak at Sierraville Hot Springs - the meditation pool
Shilo got a lift back to the farm and I headed to Tahoe. This sando was outstanding
a calming shot of Lake Tahoe
there is a building on that island
Played my first 27 hole course and performed well.

the same park has a fun skatepark as well

I can now say that I've eaten the Veg Volcano from Sprouts.

 the holy journey to Saline Hot Springs - up next......

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