Monday, July 16, 2012

Occupy SF

As I was walking into the Rally, I saw a metro bus full of cops in riot gear
Labor speaks out against the CA Board of Regents
We marched from Embarcadero to the Regents offices
Loads of good banners and signs

When we walked by the Bank of America, something happened?
a group of protesters entered the back and started an unauthorized teach in

the cops didn't take kindly to that action
soon the paddy wagon arrived.
and then, very peaceably, the activists were boarded on the bus.

 A few nights later, I went down to the Occupation to hear Daniel Ellsberg - the most dangerous man in America - speak. Before Daniel spoke, NoFx played a short set for the occupiers!

NOFX at Occupy SF

the man who leaked the pentagon papers and aided in getting us out of Vietnam - Daniel Ellsberg
Daniel gave an empowering speech! I'm so honored to have been there!

chilling at the occupation - this guy was reading outloud

Occu - Kitty

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