Thursday, July 26, 2012


Max was the first to greet me when I landed at Brodie & Bianca's.
Alf was the next to say HELLO...

Lots of home improvement projects to work on!!!
First meal was Bianca's homemade corndogs and hummus.!

Zep & I rode bikes and ran into my 1st BOSS, Phil! That's his cannon.
Early morning hangout session with MAX.
WES, where are you?
Zep watches Jeremy on the pinball at DONUT WHOLE.
It's mandatory to stop at the donut shop before creekin. I said NO to all these fine donuts.
Jeremy fished and Brodie, Zep & I hit the creek.
We have splashdown!!
Wild Will rounds third to score!!!

Kelly competed at STATE... here for the handoff
Brodie back in his element.

I kicked it with Jeremy on KEVIN.
Jeremy's cats are awesome!

Randomly ran into LUCY @ Lucky's.
MAX goes 90 degrees the wrong way.

Growing up I never thought of Wichita as Awesome.

two OSCAR imposters in College Hill park

I went to a dinner party with Schane and we brought loads of watermelon.

I got Brodie out on the disc golf course; this is where he ended up.
all that work.....

and no disc to show for it....

Brodie went on a pie making tear.....

Shaping the crust
Brodie slices and serves to a hungry crowd!
Zep & I picked the mulberries, Brodie baked the pie, WE ALL ENJOYED!


  1. Hello, Kevin!
    I'm checking out your blog because it might possibly answer the question..."who is this mystery man?"

  2. Those are some beautiful cats. And what a warm welcome from Bianca and Brodie. You guys make "creekin'" look like so much fun! And I can't believe the will power you had with those donuts.