Thursday, July 12, 2012

UMPQUA & oregon's conclusion

My journey SOUTH started early after dropping Ji off at the airport train. I motored en route to the Umpqua Hot Springs... I'd been hearing tales of its grandeur and was excited to no end.
Sequential is a biofuel station and veg convenience store outside Eugene~!

the view from the top
Midway down the hill all the way into the river
Spent the last hour soaking with Ruth, then we hiked out together

I hiked up river and found the fresh water spring and filled up my bottles
Crater Lake wasn't too far down the road
there is an island out there in the haze...
I'd never been to Klamath Falls park, so I had to detour to skate it.
lots of bikes, but really fun and massive in places.
got a terrific and much needed hoodie out of the free bin in ASHLAND
the free bin is right next to their Skatepark. been there a few times, it's always fun
Played disc golf on an old pear orchard in Grant's Pass right on the Rogue river
Grant's Pass is where I had to retire this disc. A local gave me a hand me down.

had a nice lunch at Sunshine
Jesse, my first hitchhiker, tastes fresh squeeze AJ at Frog Farm
Jesse was down to check out some spots around Takilma - legendary Dome School
the self guided tour at the TREEHOUSE resort was unreal!
if you have a little coin, and go on family vacations, I recommend this place
all sorts of tree dwellings
walk the plank!
 my time in OREGON was unparalleled and I'm anxious to return in 2012

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