Saturday, July 21, 2012

Austin - 2

a flash flood rendered Barton Springs closed while I was in town
closed for cleaning... I left the day it reopened.

So I ended up swimming just below the main pool area.
casa de luz for lunch!
Christy came down from Dallas and met me at Wheatsville for Bike to Work day.

We split some of the infamous blueberry corncakes at Bouldin.

Caught a kiddie environmental fair near Barton and hula'd

even endangered sea turtles were getting in the mix

Met up with Peter & Lorne and skated the new park!

this food truck cracked me up!
Lorne went straight for Doron's leftover icing!

outdoor hangout session!

Capital City Bakery grand opening with Peter and Doron!
ended the night at ARLO's with Peter & Doron - saw Christy one more time too
that's the capital building... rode by it on the bike

IN.Gredients - the no packaging grocery store is soon to be open in AUSTIN

I went back a second time to Sweet Rituals.... wow.. salted caramel sundae
on my last day in town, I took Christy's class at the farmer's market

then rolled up to Round Rock to see Lorne's brewery!
Lorne's dogs
another look at the pups!

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