Thursday, July 19, 2012

Los Angeles

On my way into Simi Valley, I stopped in at the Skate Lab. Van RIP
FOLLOW YOUR HEART in the San Fernando Valley / makers of the cheese.
I like the thought of Follow your Tacos!
Just down the street is the donut shop from the robbery in BOOGIE NIGHTS
Don Cheadle's character endures a snafu of an armed robbery. Blood is shed.
After spending the remaining hours of the Thanksgiving weekend with my Aunt Jeanne(could not get a pic of my aunt), I motored down to North Hollywood to pick up my first batch of Shake Junt dvds.
Ran into FOS coming into work @ Baker Boys.
Larsen's coop housing project in Englewood
Best part of this park was seeing Ron Chatman in the parking lot.
Koston isn't in the vid, but he introduced it.
this is the skate shop that Lance goes into in Bones Brigade Video Show!
whenever in Marina Del Rey, I stop in for tamales @ Tamara's~
I hung with Ben at his new place in Venice.
they made me hold the baby.... i'm terrible at holding babies.
the family that bikes together, stays together!
biking to school
Karuna made an outstanding Kale & Garbanzo salad
Ben & I battled it out on the tetherball court and I bled.

there is a funny story to this pic....
Keisha & Buddy @ Transitions
stopped by Dwindle to get dvds and Chris made me a board
Chris's jaw dropped when he saw this tin. It's yours next time I see ya!
Next time we ride....!
Ji met me at Pizzanista!
Salman made us a special vegan pie!
Caught up with my cousins in Silverlake or is it Silver Lake?
walking through the cuts in LA!
I met Harvey for dinner at M Cafe and he was entertaining ladies right and left.
Harvey called his pal Bob to join us and lo & behold Robert Forster shows up and buys us dinner.
Jason Harvey's tramp was wild

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