Monday, July 16, 2012


It's always a thrill to drive over the Golden Gate
DLX to catch up with Matt D and see his unbeatable selection

Lunch with Norwegian Daniel at Ananda Fuara
Skated Portrero right away.. Jerry Gurney's living in SF now.
Finished up Heidi's homemade hummus with a ciabata!

I hung out with this hippy at the Red Vic Peace Cafe on Haight St.

I thought it was random to run into Shrewgy, then Eric J walked by!
got in a couple of games of golf in Golden Gate Park, 1 with Daniel

Burritos on Haight with Booker!

a cat sleeps in the Mission

Daniel gets a trick

I love Gracias Madre

Hard to believe it's just an appetizer. Butternut squash quesadillas!
Daniel met me at the Japanese Zen Garden

it's gorgeous and peaceful.
met some travelers and talked for an hour
you can see the Golden Gate bridge out there...

the beach

a raw dinner
OG Edgemonter, Tai chi Tony met me at Gracias Madre

I'd heard about this blend IN spot in the Mission and I walked right into a session.

HEAVY METAL DRUM SOLO right on Market Street!  so sweet.

linked up with Mike Stanfield and went thriftin in the MISSION
I hit up FOOD NOT BOMBS a few times in Golden Gate Park

do it
TT and daughter at Ananda Fuara!
stumbled onto an alleyway of rad murals!

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