Thursday, July 19, 2012

San Diego Living

I landed back in San Diego on Dec. 9th 2011. That date was significant because it gave me a few days to get organized for the DEC really really free market. I stayed on or around Edgemont for til early May 2012.
These are some of the friends that crossed my path during my time home in San Diego.
Carpet lives up the street and I see him routinely.

CASH works at the art gallery called Pigment in North Park.

I lost a friend on Christmas... RIP jack!

Sherman is my good buddy, always down to hang if he's outside
ran into Kim on the bus home from UCSD and Keith was there to meet us.

Oliver and India from the UK  - loving it at POKEZ

Really random sighting of Dayn near Rancho's!

Em & James - band picture morning

Justin overcame the loveseat!

Spenser and Jackie at an art show downtown
I was pleased to introduce Ken to Matt
Matt stayed at Edgemont for a few days as he prepped for MEXICO

lots of riding bikes and eating good food.
fully loaded, Matt departs for points south.
I rolled my 1st 6 of a kind with Ingrid at HARAR. I lost my shit!

And now Ingrid loves Ethiopian cuisine!
Brodie brought Zep out to SD on a man's weekend.

4 kansans at the skatepark.
I helped facilitate the MARCH really really free market

Sweet new mural in the neighborhood

Gleaning with Kenzie & Shirley @ Suzie's for the Cultivating Food Justice day.
JIM BELL made it to my last golf game!

By MAY 6th, EDGEMONT was full and I was out the door and back on the road.....adventure awaits....

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