Friday, July 20, 2012

Fossil Creek

I really wanted the Martin's to join me as a family and do some camping at Fossil Creek. But with a free trip to the ProTec Pool Party up against me, I ended up at Fossil Creek solo.
Got a late start and the road in is a bone rattler..this is where I first swam.
Made camp near this spot that evening.
Morning swim at the same spot.
I zenned out at this little cascade.
1st I went far south & skinny dipped here.
self portrait!     VIDEO

this mellow spot featured a back massager

Trent and I swam here last year...

View #2... really nice spot!   VIDEO from last year
didn't swim here.. beautiful, but too mellow.
lower view of the bridge spot
locals gearing up to jump

killer view from the bridge.   VIDEO
the flume was 2nd best...  VIDEO
CRAZY rope swing to the left, jump spot to the right.
 This was the main attraction and I spent most of the afternoon here. It's a mile hike in and well worth it.

Fossil Creek is one of the best swimming areas in the country.  SHHHHHSSSSSHHHH.

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