Monday, December 1, 2014

ditch day

Lorne met us at Casa de Luz before heading out to some south Austin ditches
breakfast tacos!!
Kerry testing the waters at Banister Ditch

Lorne went down hard collapsing his back and called it a day
our 1st visit to this beauty off Alexandria

and ended the tour at the renowned Surfer ditch where I found a dollar in the grass

good times - then off to San Antonio
the recap
Earth Burger for dinner

root beer on tap

heinz catsup and glorious fries

last kickflip on US soil

Kerry jumped a plane to Mexico City and I was off to Houston

Houston's Spring Skatepark is now the largest skatepark in the USA

too many bowls

this little section was my fav
the Austin High School ditch was humbling.. so tough to skate
full edit of the trip HERE

then headed out to KING FEST

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