Friday, December 19, 2014

the chase

I'd only missed Alex & Underpass by a few hours in Eugene. And after spending the night at Umpqua, I learned the band had only made it to Redding that night. And they were taking it easy that morning. I kept the peddle to the metal with the hopes of chasing them down on I-5 before the peeled off for the bay area.
sure enough about 20 miles before the split, I spotted them.

Dan was behind the wheel and it took him a minute to recognize me.
I think this shot could be a future album cover.
 We shared some stories and some food on the side of the freeway. And then....

they were off to San Francisco
Christian & his father, Bill Miller - my longtime skate bro

met at the budget West Sac park, but soon moved it to ....
VIDEO clip here

the B Street Skatepark - I never realized it's run by the city - Matt Pailes works there
the bowl is slippery

but I got a brief Smith grind
a harsh jersey barrier corner
I rolled into Donut Farm @ 4am and slept til 7:30 and

grabbed a dozen to take to Ken & Jenn's

the bounty - to wake up the slumbering Underpass

I caught Ken going out the door - here with Luna
Lenore was chilling with Dan once he woke up

Lenore & Luna in their Oakland home. Prepping for a drive to Eugene.

upstairs in the office - Alex & Nikki weren't ready to get up
Ken showing off his travel cooler.
Within an hour, Ken & Jenn & the pups were on the road. And Underpass & I were in charge of the household for a few days.

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