Monday, December 1, 2014


during the colder months there is no fee to swim at Barton Springs
I picked a day when it was 52 degrees

luckily the water temp is 67 year round

little ass draggin coming outta the drink
every backflip is for Julie - she put me back on the path

next up was Jacob's Well

no swimming until SPRING, but I could hike out and look at it

smaller than I imagined, but I will be back to swim!

come springtime I'm jumping off the top turnbuckle

at least 130 feet deep

just down the road is Blue Hole - a casual swimming spot on a creek
docks and tree holds to jump from, but like Jacob's Well, no swimming till spring
gorgeous spot

Spring Lake feeds the San Marcos with 73 degree spring water
water pouring over the falls from Spring Lake
sensitive river environment
backflipping out of 49 degree weather into 73 degree water!
I'm hoping to come back in the spring to swim at all of these spots plus many more around the Austin area.

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