Thursday, December 25, 2014


been housesitting in Mar Vista for the last week

Geneva and her man Harvey came over for tea & tacos - they sang me a duet

then I went with them to a swinging party near the beach - lots of music
came into a free sandwich at Native Foods

Jay Adams was a Tamara's Tamales customer

I do love Tamara's tamales and salsa
Chad came over for tacos

Eric G had me over for dinner

his cat Ichigo

Shoko made a divine noodle and tempeh dinner
rode the bike down on the beach

skated the legal Santa Monica Courthouse ledges
visited the Pierce Brothers cemetery in Westwood

mysterious circumstances
toured some single screen theaters

saw the iceberg movie here last year

never seen anything at this CREST theater.
I ended up at the least exciting theater of the bunch

been making lots of tacos - today is no different

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