Sunday, December 21, 2014

shred fest

started the day at Potrero and met fellow van lifer Alex Sanchez
Alex and his beard grind the hip in the pool.
VIDEO clip here

lil pop over the hip
Alex sniffed out the FlowerShop
Alex shot this of me struggling to pump around the very challenging environment

Balboa Park bowl was too soggy to skate, but we bounced around the street course
San Bruno's pink taco ditch was super fun & slick
Alex checks the wetness of the Daly City ramp

this one is for Dan Drehobl
out to North Beach to surprise Deanna at work

who woulda thought we'd be skating in the Patagonia store?

got the tour of Alex's Sprinter - it's set up NICE!!!

hanging in the back - Jesus watching over the truckers!!
Ken & I skated SoMa before his class
grabbed dinner at Gracias Madre with former Edgemonter, Adam!

we both elected for the SPECIAL - flautas....!

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