Sunday, November 30, 2014

eatin & skatin Austin

Kerry's RIP CLIP here
my pals Stephen & Lorne met us at the Pflugerville park
it has a fun ditch zone

Kerry ollies in the ditch

Lorne tailslides over a ledge

nollie the ditch hip
vegan nom aka rocking vegan tacos for lunch

high end tacos

Kerry loving it

Smith grind on 3" coping at Patterson mini ramp

2nd lunch aka early dinner at Shhmaltz
for a damn fine Reuben
computer time at Cenote
late dinner at Arlo's

Kerry wolfin his down in the car escaping the cold
called in a lifeline and were able to stay with Milo and Kristen

Milo is named after Milo Aukerman from the Descendents!

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