Saturday, December 20, 2014

giving thanks

Alex, Dan & I found lower bob's and town park on thanksgiving morning

laid back photo by Dan
Erica, Keith, & Jock had me over for dinner & I chilled with their new kitty

He really took to me... so much so that Keith couldn't believe it.

sound asleep in my lap - quite the angel.
Keith got a new toy that we flew before dining.

Jock takes a turn behind the controls

I drove it too and it was surprisingly easy and fun to maneuver.
Jock & Erica prepared an amazing spread
my plate  -  soo delicious
imitation crab cakes

Erica gives a hug - I'm so happy to have reconnected with Erica&Keith

Keith did a bit of his magic routine
addendum - Erica took this pic, because the tabby was really skittish around me.

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