Tuesday, December 23, 2014

back at Edgemont

walking up the street I spied Carpet making out with Vega
Underpass came over for tacos of my design

Dan gets up on the tramp
and down on the ramp

big show at the Dawg House later this evening

my first time seeing Dictator

Marita samples one of Rachel's cupcakes

Underpass in the Dawg House

up early for the morning show on channel 6 to promote the Really Really Free Market
the newly endangered DIY spot

Swanguen gets blunted
Gabe learned fastplants... Anxious for our PHX trip in Jan.
protest against police violence in Balboa Park

Infinite was my favorite speaker


the march into downtown

caught Sherman in his domain

Meredith & I went to see Wild on opening day. I highly recommend it.
caught Ken by surprise at Shirley's pad

yes... I've been making lots of tacos....usually walk across the street to eat them in the sun

had a great turnout at the Dec San Diego Really Really Free Market
Rob Greenfield is going to be on KPBS on Wed evening
Rich was my biggest surprise at the mrkt. Here with the rose I took from his pad in Apr.
sat with Rose & Teagen at Sally & Jeff acting show at City College

great entertainment at the Activist San Diego holiday party

got back on the golf course with John. hoping to play with Jim soon

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