Monday, December 22, 2014

so close to home

Rocker & Slappy greeted me sloppily

skated Oside park then dropped by Dave B's house

I jumped in & helped out with Skate Crate mailings

skated the perimeter of the bowl before visiting Mr Burnett

Burnett told me that Sinclair would be at PQ park - Dekline was filming a skatepark roundup!
JT Aultz nose manny nollie flip out as seen by James Hardy
Percey and his perch with Julius looking out from the covers

mama shows off the fat boy, I mean he's big boned
Meredith made Thanksgiving all over again & it was divine
DC John, Donna (Alex's grandma), & Dan at the Hideout show
Prayers literally overwhelmed me

it's something to behold..words can't describe it

woke up in OB amongst other van lifers
saddled up next to the VAN WITH NO PLAN
Molly the road dog hopped in the van to inspect

set the fellas up with new tires

Josh from KY, me, & Matt & Josh van no plan parked at Robb Field
Matt repaired my windshield
Joey Hughes was on the scene

Josh with the nosestall revert on the taco bell

Matt with the full boardslide

and then I said my goodbyes and headed to Edgemont, after a brief stop at Peace Pies

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