Sunday, December 21, 2014

the coast

there was some talk of trying to meet Kerry at the Apple cafeteria for lunch, 
but it was raining and I charged it to Santa Cruz
Greg met me at Staff of Life - the oven was broken, so no donuts

he picked out a pin and left a pin

taught Tice how to play golf
made tacos for former Edgemonter, Eric, in Salinas

you know I found a tortilleria in Salinas

Eric is studying to a firefighter and taught me some knots
I knew the food at Esalen would be grand, but I didn't expect cat residents!

Ruby & I at Esalen
a surprise waterfall find on the way south from Esalen

in the bathroom at Skate Lab - epicness from my childhood
Lance Mountain recently donated his Pool Party trophies to Skate Lab

a portion of the magazine collection

pencil drawing of Tony Hawk with a gold tooth - so many gems in the back rooms of the Lab
the ditch I saw with my cousins as a 14y/o is actually an old movie set

western's were filmed here

28 years after 1st seeing it, I finally skated it

the spot that has made the mags - it's so rough & it's the lagoon from the Creature from the Black Lagoon
 I kicked it with my uncle for the night. We took a walk around these open space in the morning, then I took off to explore some new LA area skateparks.

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