Monday, December 1, 2014

in & out of AZ

the BIG FOOT bowl in San Marcos

suffering a front rock

too wet to skate this bank to curb

picked up Kerry & we drove through the night
we stopped at Edgemont ditch outside El Paso at 2am and 32 degrees

Kerry skating to the flashlight feature on his phone

he just couldn't nail my flawless front pivot in the dark

dawn approaches inside the state of Arizona

pretty mountains near Tucson

I was so fired up to get to Le Cave's right when they open at 7:30am

sucks for us that it was MONDAY>>>>!
Kalis sighting at 7:45am at the Santa Rita park in Tucson

Tacos at Tania's 33

trying to sort out moving details

Kerry went big after driving all night

posted up at the Martin household to get the window worked on
did you see the full trip clip?  check it here.'

regrouped and napped

did I fail to mention that I locked the keys in the car at KINGFEST?

I broke that window out with a rock hammer and now I was paying the price

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