Monday, December 22, 2014

greater LA

the day before I came to Highland Park, I heard an NPR story on gentrification
 This coffee shop, Cafe de Leche, was at the center of the story & guess what/? 
It's 2 blocks from Donut Friend
I was pleased to see this out front of Donut Friend

I'd been fighting an inner battle. Should I attempt to trade Mark Trombino, my last bootleg Rites of Spring shirt?
 I decided to make the offer, not really thinking he would go for it. But he accepted and went into the back to see if he had a LARGE Rites of Sprinkles shirt. 10 minutes later he returned empty handed. And so it was not meant to be and I wore the bootleg the next day to celebrate the hand of fate!
Husker Blu was awesome, FUDGEgazi wasn't my cup of tea.

skated down the street to the OG soda store for a black cherry soda
hansen dam, sheldon plaza, and at the bottom it's me and Eric G @ the south pasadena prefab park
old man morning at Duarte with Jacob Tillman & Eric G

Eric chose a SLAP pin
moved over to Monrovia for some doubles....Eric G 5.0 fakie around the hip
 VIDEO here

followed up by a hip blaster by Jacob
grabbed my last donuts for perhaps a year at FoNuts

kept my cool at Rahel - only two plates

so many options - all vegan Ethiopian spot on Fairfax - I walked from FoNuts
met up with the OZman to watch his soccer game

Dad was pumped on his new Tempest tee
I surprised Harvey at a benefit gig he was playing

at the Echo Park Film Center - talks of a Harvey Sid documentary are underway
Ugly Lovers were heavy
Double Jinx was lighter - Chris Center on lead guitar!

got in a few turns at Channel Street before it's closed temporarily

buzzed around the new Peck Park which I found pretty fun

Andy has a TEAM CHEEZE front door

the front yard garden afforded me a delicious strawberry

Beardo Junior about to blast dad
went in search of this ditch in Long Beach
I was a few months too late... totally being reworked..nonskateable
I drowned my sorrows in a tempeh Reuben

checked out the new VANS outdoor park in HB
bumped into Eddie Reategui & Hosoi - almost seemed like Cab was there too

Tony Alva signing autographs while Hosoi eats bbq
Underpass in Pomona

they fired up the light show for the Pomona audience that included LarryMiranda

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