Saturday, December 13, 2014

pdx cats + Maude

Soon after returning to Portland, I paid a visit to my main man, Tyler.

I woke him from a nap

he didn't seem to mind

lickin the chops

wanting in my lap....
I also wanted to meet Maude, the new addition to the fam, before I left town

very quick to fall asleep...the queen of the nap

no shortage of slobber.....but very sweet

for two nights I stayed at Kerry's pad in North Portland & hung with Sage
Sage is my kind of kitty

through a chance comment at DC veg, I got an invite to meet Becky's cats
Helen & Cliff were both interested in my arrival
Cliff took to me and I to him!
& back at Klich's, Ben warmed up to me so much that he napped on my lap

Bixby was kneading the bread on my thigh

and Brer was undercover sleeping in some luggage

to recap....

Tyler & Maude at Curt & Natalie's house - where a bunch of other wonderful cats reside and another dog

Kerry's soon to be old place is where I hung with Sage

Becky & Damien's place is where I met Helen & Cliff

Klich lives with Ben, Bixby, & Brer.     

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