Monday, December 15, 2014

Portland finale

1st things 1st, Fudge helped sort out the rental car damage

he's all about precision and made it look brand new
dropped Kerry at the airport so he could fly to Chicago

water in the new Alberta spot...... pshhhh.

my final Saturday donut run at SweetPea

I chose maple pecan

had my 1st van party with Kenny & Klich one rainy night
when I went to visit Becky & her cats, she gave me some of the DC Veg seitan and buns

so Klich grilled it up, and combined with kale and heidi ho cheese

we created a masterpiece!

went to a tree planting where Petey was wearing a sweater
Fudge met Klich & I and we all snuck into Dumb & Dumber To - it was awesome

one last session at Daddies where I found the Rob Roskopp bbq apron

last order of biz was to attend the Underpass gig in pdx
Alicia and Tanner met us at the punx house

Underpass felt the sting of the silly string that I found at the movies

rocking the basement at the punx house

didn't really say goodbye to the band cause I knew I'd see them soon enough on the road
and so begins my journey south to winter in San Diego........

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