Tuesday, December 2, 2014


rolled up on the LA basin as the sun set
dinner at Sage..... not a fan
Dooey at Kerry's sister's house

I didn't catch this guy's name, but I call him Hong Hong Fooey
up early and into the hills to explore the flumes

we never found the sweet spot, but this was sorta fun

profanity !

some spots were wet

adventure today
one of the best in CALIFORNIA in my opinion

Kerry settled right in...

nope, actually he likes it a little hotter

looking out onto the Kern River

straight chilling

solitude....had the pools to ourselves

almost ready to hike out

made a pal on the hike out

good vibes in the parking lot
now we know where this is!

and this finely crafted bank to curb is new since my 1st visit
someone learned front rocks with a little guidance from grandpa
Kerry found cane sugar Dr. Peppers at the Ripon gas station
struggling to get in the air - Ripon is so fun!

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