Monday, December 1, 2014


I'm glad I made the trek out
best random run in - Alicia van lifer from OB - so sick to hang with her for the day

Doug King's spread is intense - the BIG bowl

the small bowl

the concrete mini ramp

the back part of the snake run was just poured a few days prior to the event
the 2x4 qp

and the vert ramp with 70's halfpipe hip
Alicia's friend Johnny from Corpus Christi lays into a back Smith

Raney Beres was on fire - lein air
RANEY video clip HERE

full trip video   HERE

my man Whitley flanked by two generations of Kings

the kid riding Z_Flex had a good eggplant
dusk bonfire session on the mini ramp

Raney boosts an invert as the rain drops fell outside

mute fastplant via Raney and the 18
 video coming soon

Suicidal Failure rocked all the tendencies hits...
one hell of a darkness fell, the drunkeness became more apparent and I split back for Austin.

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