Tuesday, December 16, 2014

the trifecta

 After the Underpass show I started the drive south to Breitenbush Hot Springs. Slept in a parking lot that night and got up early and made it to my destination at 7:30am. Spent the next 24 hours soaking and eating and reading and talking to other guests.

1st stop in Eugene was to Betty's house to visit the Little General
and her counterpart - the Gentle Giant

Klich had packed me a Philly cheese steak for the road & I ate it at Betty's.

Betty and I walked around her hood looking at gardens, Little Free Library's, & persimmon trees.
Cougar Hot Springs was cooler than normal due to excessive recent rainfall.
stop # 3 was Umpqua Hot Springs and for the 1st time in my life...

I stopped and hiked to....

Toketee Falls - totally worth it !

the largest graffiti on the bench overlooking the falls said SHRED
 The trifecta was accomplished in less than 16 hours. 
Breitenbush soak at 5:30am. 
Cougar at 1:30pm. 
Umpqua soak after dark at 6pm.

the Narrows were not very impressive
this photo doesn't do Confluence Park much justice, but I'm glad I stopped.
as soon as I crossed the state line the SUN was out.. Mt Shasta looking good.

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