Monday, July 7, 2014

vegans on parade

staging with Cheri the organizer in the center for the Park Hill 4th of July parade!
check out a video here
found SKINNY BITCH in this unique little free library as we waited
this dude made my day. we were on the same TRADING PLACES wavelength
 When I said, "Looking good". He responded with, "Feeling good". It's one of my favorite lines from Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd - hear it at the end of this CLIP

pulling out onto the main parade from staging

this guy made me realize I shoulda brought my roller skates

I couldn't tell if the spectators applauded for everyone, or whether they genuinely knew what VEGAN is?
 We garnished a load of loud cheers, applause, & well wishing. It was encouraging !
classic car clubs

an old VW bus

this one is for Mike Sinclair - double stacked pugs
hung with Weichert & his gal for a bit at RED PARK, then saw the bangers from the ball field

was hoping to see Karen at the FNB house where a local punk folk band played

the war zone out front was going stong till 11:30pm
karen did the wise thing in not attending

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