Monday, July 28, 2014


Zach & Ausin had us jump in the cart
 I'd already made plans to cruise out to the Coalatree farm and chill for the night, when I thought I still had a day to kill before picking up Adam & Beadle. But I figured sleeping on a farm for a night would do them some good, so we all drove out after Hobo Hot Springs.
and off we went
their mini ramp is 50 feet of paradise - Austin wallies up to disaster
fierce weather was all around us and the wind kept the mosquitos away

blunt fakie 1st try for dinner - thanks Adam !

Zach - front blunts

Zach early tugs over the mini mega
Austin is a beast from Pennsylvania

it was a very relaxed session & it never rained
later that night, the motorcycle gang invaded
up bright & early for breakfast

catching the sun rising over the mountains

only 4 hogs for 15 people

speaking of hogs, they loved my discards
cuddle session with Queen Latifah
smoke on the water
Adam - skipping rocks on the Colorado
Christian - back D for the early session

Stuart or is it Stewart - up early and ready to shred
watchint the session from their porch. DavidJ, Allen, & Joe P

David didn't have to get out of his tent to check the action

Sam sends me off with a zucchini
thanks for the hospitality and the good times, fellas!

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