Saturday, July 26, 2014

LAUNCH 5 day skatepark tour

now that Launch has a van, we can do so much more

I hopped in the van with these wild men for 4 of 5 days of Northern CO skatepark touring
1st stop DAY #1 - Waters Way skatepark  - Cody flies out

Jaden lays back a front rock

I challenged Andy to get a trick at every park - #1 feeble
charging out of the van at old Loveland - 2nd stop DAY #1

Sam loved the scalding hot metal mini
Andy with a front boardslide - trick #2

3rd stop DAY #1 - Sol mini ramp in Longmont

Andy 50-50 / #3
Dryden slaps a Smith grind

Allan showed the kids the finer points of FOOS
4th stop DAY #1 - old Longmont - Cody ollies the hip

Andy backside ollie - #4

5th stop DAY #1 - lunch at the newer Longmont park

Andy had no problem kickflipping up the mega Euro - #5

 Peyton's first time blasting a cone
6th stop DAY #1 - Loveland park = bonus Andy wallride

Dryden Smith overs the spine

Andy blasting a kickflip high on the bank / #6
1st stop DAY #2 - the holy land of Milliken / Andrew pivot fakie

Andy tailsliding / #7
2nd stop DAY #2 - Johnstown - Andy fakie ollie nosegrind / #8
3rd stop DAY #2 - Windsor = Sam 50-50's the qp gap
Andy front board the rail with ease / #9
the ole pivot to fakie on the hip
Andrew wall jammin
1st stop DAY #3 - Lafayette / Sam claimed the drop in, & made the drop in!

Lee front tailblocking the rock

Andy with the back Smith stop on rock / #10

Brian Ball's Square State camp was there!
 That epic tee reads, "SKATE & DESTROY boring, homogenized, corporate skateboarding!" & I love it~!
nollie the mini spine
2nd stop DAY #3 - Erie Skate Plaza - Jaden drops a gap
Andy almost had the 5-0, but we had to settle with the bump to 50-50 / #11

casual no comply 180

3rd stop DAY #3 - Andy back behind the counter w/ Eric @ The Market
1st stop DAY #4 - Northside / Jaden carve grinds the stairs
guest tourist Sven blasting a transfer

Andy kickflip 5-0 or was it to 50-50 / #12

Lee grinding
2nd stop DAY #4 - Edora - Andy front shuv up the Euro / #13
bonus Andy - wallride
3rdt stop DAY #4 - Fossil Creek - Andy back 180 gapper / #14

4th stop DAY #4 - Waters Way where Lee front rocked it

Smithers on some pool coping

Andy slashing the vertical / #15
5th stop DAY #4 - Spring Canyon / Andy feebles the new rail / #16
Big ups to Andy for getting a trick (16 in all) at every park we visited for the 4 days I was on the tour. All the campers were gentlemen and by day 4 I witnessed improvement and increased confidence on board.
thanks to Allan @ Sol Skateboards in Longmont for hosting us
thanks to Brian Ball of Square State for sharing Lafayette with us
thanks to Eric @ the Market for entertaining the troops
all I know about day #5 is that they skated Launch & raged at Fort Fun

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