Thursday, July 10, 2014

skate camp, tree house & STATIC IV

I rolled up on the Lafayette park to see Brian Ball

and Ric Widenor of Square State Skate
I was lucky to catch instructor Ted's 1st tre flip footplant

Ric enters in a manner that I never considered
Brian - blunt fakie on a rock

Ric - classic tail block on curb coping
loading up the short bus & off to the next park for the campers
I ventured over to Illya's to assist on his treehouse

we actually accomplished a lot in 2 hours

upper supports engaged and 3 walls standing - Boone is gonna be psyched
Chang Thai - just down the street from Crisis - veggie dumplings
 Mance knows
tofu pad thai for the entree/ I'm normally not a 2 course meal - but I took Josh's rec
screening #2 on tap for the evening @ Crisis

Fuzz introduces the films to his client base
the locals were in for a treat  ! no one left disappointed. ready to rip instead

next morning I met up with ANDY & his skate camp at Waters Way
then we moved it over to Spring Canyon, where I took in the new obstacles
front rock, moments before I focused my phone slamming on a nose manual
lesson learned.. no more skating with phone in pocket


  1. waters way rules. need to get back there again without any injuries

    1. definitely fun if it's just a few of ya there.....