Sunday, July 27, 2014

pizza pigout & cowspiracy

tubing worked up the appetite, so we linked up w/ Angela & pigged out on AYCE pizza

a sample of one of my piles of pizza - bonnie brae tavern 3rd Friday of the month
stoked Nate showed up
I searched the parking lot for bumper stickers & this is the best I could find
hangin @ Beet Box is a good place to meet cool dogs - Bernie

Omar & Bernie
Corgi love
I left Adam & Beadle at the donut shop and went to community yoga at the Mercury Cafe. Guess who I laid eyes on once my were open?
YEP... Karen was there. We shared some fruit and then she took me with her to Charlie's Second Hand Tool Shop. I found a used UNIT tool for Josh and got a free screwdriver to boot.

22nd & Larimer - no need to ever buy a tool NEW again
this sign looks way better from across the street
the must see movie of the year - blessed I got to see it on the big screen

Q & A with Kip & Keegan - the directors
After the film we dropped in on Rachel to see if she was game to join us on the backpacking trip to Maroon Bells. We chilled on her veranda for bit, but she wasn't up for the trip. Back to Angela's for last minute packing & a good night's sleep. Set to depart at 6am.

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